Hire A Vet

In today’s economic market, you need dependable, enthusiastic, and motivated employees–and you need them to stay on the job. Homes for the Brave can connect you with a prospective employee who has a proven capacity to excel: the American Veteran.

The men and women we serve possess skills, certifications, and work experience across a broad range of industries. ABRI/Homes for the Brave can assist you in finding just the right match for that critical position in your company.

Benefits of Hiring Military Veterans

  • Generous Tax Credits & Other Incentives
  • Free Employee Training
  • Preference in Government Contracts
  • Knowing You’ve Invested in Those who Served us All
  • Other allowances as available*

*We suggest you check with the CT Department of Labor as these benefits and allowances change frequently

To discuss employment opportunities with a member of our vocational team, please call (203) 338-0669 or email info@homesforthebrave.org.