2023 Annual Report

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Your tax-deductible donation allows us to better serve individuals experiencing homelessness, almost all of whom are Veterans.

Dear Friends:

In 2023, Homes for the Brave embraced significant opportunities to expand while steadfastly maintaining our commitment to delivering excellent services to the Veterans we are honored to support.

In collaboration with the Veterans Support Foundation, we opened two houses in West Haven, CT in 2022, and they have seen extraordinarily high occupancy levels. These properties have been impeccably cared for, and thanks to the generous contribution from Love, Tito’s on June 2, 2023, we were able to establish flower and produce gardens at our Union Avenue site. Gardens at Bassett Court will soon follow, and the resulting bounty of fresh produce has significantly enriched the stay for our Veterans. We have had produce gardens in Bridgeport for several years, and we look forward to reopening them in 2024 after our construction is completed.

The Tony Cinquanta Veterans Service Center, situated in our downtown Bridgeport Annex, has expanded its reach, assisting over 151 Veterans and their family members benefiting from our services at this location. In addition to providing the expertise of our Outreach Case Manager, Therapist and Lead Vocational Specialist, we have established valuable partnerships with organizations such as the University of Bridgeport’s Fones School of Dental Hygiene, enabling us to deliver essential programming and services to those in need within our community. We have also been able to open the space to community support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and hope to develop more partnerships to serve Veterans and their family members. Furthermore, over 20 Veterans who were facing housing instability found their way to Homes for the Brave through our Annex, ultimately coming to our housing programs.

Finally, on June 9, 2023, we held a Groundbreaking Ceremony at our headquarters on Park Avenue in Bridgeport. This marked the expansion of our namesake facility to include a new wing, twelve private suites, and a much-needed elevator. Individuals, families, businesses, and organizations can be a part of this initiative and demonstrate their support for our Veterans by purchasing a brick or naming a bench, an area on our grounds, or a room within our facility.

As we look back on this year, we must express gratitude to our outstanding Board of Directors for their guidance and to our remarkable team of dedicated professionals for their focus on and commitment to serve our Veterans.

We also express our gratitude to you for your unwavering support, as it continues to empower us to provide comprehensive and wholistic services to both Veterans AND their families.


Please enjoy our Annual Report and respond by making a tax-deductible contribution. We look forward to continuing to work together in service to the men and women who answered the call to serve our country.

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